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My QA Automation strategy and infrastructure:

1. Automatic Launching for VmWare images,

2. Automatic Execution and monitor for TestCases,

3. Automatic Reporting - The report can make sense to the development + management team.

4. The infrastructure supports multiple OS platforms,

5. The infrastructure supports test case written with various programming languages,

6. The infrastructure can have a database built and utilise the database for comparison and bug report,

My mentality is to get the Automation Infrastructure done and try to maximise the use of it. My Automation Infrastructure allows the tester to plan and schedule the test cases to run without manual interaction, eg. overnight, effectively detecting regression between builds.

Here we demonstrate various effective solutions.

We offer a consultation service to software house and test lab.

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QA Automation does not mean to make everything in QA test process automatic!

Maximising the QA automation is the key to Agile development methodology with quality.

The term "Agile" people used can mean various things. Those big companies can afford the money to hire BIG manual testers team to achieve "Agile" in their term, or having every developer to do TDD.

My term of "Agile" is to have a smart Agile - having people to have the below mindset to achieve Agile. eg. TDD with mocking objects, AutoBuild and AutoTest facilities.

For Development, encourage developer to write testable code, with TDD mindset.

For Development, encourage developer to provide QA with unit testable API and/or recommendation of how-to write effective test cases,

For QA, develop + deploy a QA Automation infrastructure for various levels,

For QA, have the testers to be able to utilise the GUI AutoTest tool like QTP/Selenium,

How to organise and write the AutoTest case code will be another trick and HUGE work down the track.

We need to analyse the normal manual test cases and workloads, and try to make them as automatic as much as possible.

This will need someone who can work across QA and Development, on the way of the Automation Infrastructure and AutoTest case code being built.

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Web Test Demonstration

Here is a simple test case - automatically click through my JEE demo Web: http://www.fairgo128demo.com:8084/webdemoJDH.

Steps to play:

0. Install Java and FireFox.

1. Download the AutoTestDemoJDH.jar from my SVN server by clicking here. And then click the AutoTestDemoJDH.jar file.

2. Run the jar file with command "java -jar AutoTestDemoJDH.jar"

3. It will launch the FireFox and click through my JEE demo Web automatically.

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